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The tenth China – Latin American business summit will be held in Heilongjiang, people.com.cn Channel original title in Tangshan: tenth China – Latin American business summit will be held in Beijing in October 13, in Tangshan (reporter Zhang Mengxu) tenth Chinese – Latin America business summit in October 14th to 15 in Hebei held in Tangshan. In October 12th, Chinese Council held a press conference in Beijing, the preparations for this summit. CCPIT vice chairman Wang Jinzhen said at the press conference, the summit is "hand in hand with innovation, cooperation and win-win" as the theme, set up including the opening ceremony, 3 plenary sessions and agriculture, energy and other areas of the 4 parallel conference activities will also be held in La industrial cooperation and product exhibition, a series of activities pull the organization for the promotion of international trade and business association Roundtable etc.. The summit participants on behalf of a large scale, wide source, industry, high level. According to the latest statistics, the summit will be from international organizations, Latin American national government departments, business associations and enterprises and the Latin American Embassy in China about 1500 ginseng. China – Latin America business summit in November 2007 by Chinese CCPIT advocate for the first Chinese is founded, economic and trade cooperation in Latin America to promote the mechanism of platform, get in two countries pull political and business circles attach great importance and active participation, known as the "pragmatic cooperation pull flagship brand". (commissioning editor Li Zhongshuang and Ding Yang)相关的主题文章: