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The Three Gorges project finally announced a "mystery ship lift many of the world’s cruise into the ship lift ship compartment carrying cruise ship fell to the bottom of ship lift cruise ship lift out of the Xinhua News Agency news review: the Three Gorges project finally announced the upcoming" mystery "ship can live a dam on the afternoon of 18, with" the 9 Gorges Project cruise ship arrived downstream from the dam upstream through the Three Gorges ship lift, the Three Gorges Project "complicated", the world’s largest shiplifter — Three Gorges ship lift to declare the trial navigation. As one of the Three Gorges permanent navigation facilities, the dam of Three Gorges ship lift is fast passenger wheel and special ships. According to reports, the Three Gorges ship lift once put into use, will increase the expected annual capacity of 6 million tons over the dam for the Three Gorges Dam, the Yangtze River golden waterway navigation economic and social benefits into full play. Over the past more than and 10 years, the rapid growth of freight demand of Three Gorges shiplock. Yangtze River Three Gorges Navigation Authority statistics show that the Three Gorges ship lock in 2004 through about 34000000 tons of cargo, in 2011 the first time to reach the volume of freight volume of 1 tons, reaching the design capacity of up to 19 years. 2015, the ship’s cargo volume has grown to nearly 1.2 tons. In recent years, the social demand for the Yangtze River water. Especially the development of the Yangtze River Economic Zone rose to national strategy, the local government, port management departments and enterprises to make full use of channel resources, grasp the information channel, to further improve the efficiency of shipping and port management capacity needs urgent. How to improve the navigation conditions of the Yangtze River channel and further release the potential of the Yangtze River Channel? In 2010, China launched a comprehensive Yangtze River Waterway "deep and downstream, Chang midstream, upstream extension" construction. In the development of such a thought, in the downstream, in July 5th this year, there is news that the Nanjing Yangtze River below 12.5 meters deep water channel through the two phase of the project will achieve the early stage goal, 12.5 meters deep waterway preliminary through to Nanjing, Nanjing and the Yangtze River estuary is navigable throughout the 50 thousand tons and above the ship; in the middle of December last year. Jingjiang river channel improvement project, completed 3 months ahead of schedule, entered a period of 1 years in the middle stage of trial operation, traffic "bottleneck" initially opened; in the upstream, Chongqing to the Yibin channel to enhance the level of research breakthroughs, launched the flame moraine dredging segment, have carried out preparatory work for a number of renovation project. It is in this context, in 2015, the Yangtze River through the volume of goods reached 21.8 tons, compared with 2010’s $100 million tons, an increase of more than 5 in the past 45% years. The main channel of the Changjiang River shipping capacity of 5 years can increase nearly 50%, Shi also contributed. January 1, 2015, which lasted 5 years of research and development of water navigation system – the Yangtze River electronic navigation map officially for the industry to run services. "When the ship is sailing, the display screen in the cab will provide the navigation elements, such as navigation mark, water depth data and terrain features. Click on the screen, the ship’s location, route, course, speed show one by one, when the ship deviates from the fairway or encounter obstacles, the system will be early warning." Related R & D personnel agency相关的主题文章: