To the refined and then upgrade the real version of 1.3t million in Geely Dorsett (video) ajviewer

Upgrade to the refined version of 1.3T million will Geely remember Geely in released a new imperial GL, he was indeed high Yan this independent brand new value to attract, and then carefully contact a lot, and lamented the development independent brand cars are now the mainstream to the refined line, but not think of the recently listed imperial millions on the exterior and interior of evolution, although unlike the imperial GL so amazing, but at the same level in the yen value is among the best, but it is good-looking, the strength of the vehicle and how? Domestic sales of the first! Geely Dorsett new millions of photos! The new interior highlights 2017 millions of photos (three Geely car) is actually Geely Dorsett million cash in paragraph (2017) models, but the most auspicious new family front design greatly improves the color value, the most obvious change is the change of the latest "FRET ripple type grille, in addition to making the vehicle more delicate outsider, sense of quality will definitely improve, while the inlet design of the bottom integral was changed to three separate other more radical, on both sides of fog area have also been adjusted, and the same integrated LED daytime running lamp strip. Cash and other side of the body is basically the same, except in the left and right front wing at the new "exclusive badge 1 MILLION million models, also switched to a new dual five spoke hollow light grey wheels to enhance the sense of movement. While the rear is a continuation of the current model, only the adjustment in the tail group inside, and cancel the trim at the bottom of the silver tail cash, which makes the overall more concise and more delicate. Summary: because it is the appearance of small change models, so just put on Geely’s new family Facebook, especially in the most eye-catching FRET ripples, but also greatly enhance the vehicle’s color value, which makes the imperial easier to attract a group of young consumer groups. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent automobile, copyright for all Tencent cars. Welcome to reprint, please specify the source (Tencent) and the author, or will be held liable. From the millions of Geely imperial GL interior design and layout, which makes the whole interior compared to the current model has great changes, while the overall texture has been greatly improved. The new style of the three steering wheel, double barrel type meter and 8 inch touch screen control is the biggest bright spot, the hierarchical layout of the center console is more concise and clear. The configuration section is part of the model, imperial million in cash on the basis of the PM2.5 filter, with a tachograph and G-Link 2 interactive system (including 8 inch touch screen, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Baidu CarLife and apple CarPlay support Internet) and G-Netlink 3 (the 3G vehicle interaction system sharing communication, Wi-Fi and hot 24 smart background services added to the G-Link 2 system), but the imperial million will full size spare tire 2016 models equipped with replacing a full size spare tire slightly regret. Interior and configuration summary: in fact new.相关的主题文章: