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Vertical tasting tasting | 6 bottles of Lafite is what kind of experience? – Sohu and Abstract: what’s the taste of Rothschild, many people may know, but the 6 year bottle Lafite brought together vertical tasting is a kind of experience, may know a person is not much. The wine world network (micro signal: @wine-world) recorded by Chateau Lfite Rothschild owner Eric · for you; Lafite Baron Rothschild will be held in a vertical tasting. Chateau Lfite Rothschild red Wine ((Chateau Lafite Rothschild)) although there is no Bertus (Petrus) and · Kang Di (Domaine romanee; de La Romanee-Conti) is so expensive, but at home at five, six thousand of the price, make each taste of this wine are extremely precious machine. 1 bottles of Lafite has been so precious, the 6 bottles of Lafite with vertical tasting is what kind of experience? Recently, Chateau Lfite Rothschild’s Eric · Rothschild (Baron Eric de Rothschild Baron) held a 6 bottle of Lafite vertical tasting, take a look in the tasting people have what you! Eric · Rothschild Baron tasting tasting the first 2012 years of the philippines. The wine was awarded the James · Suckling (James) 95 points and Wine Spectator (Wine Spectator) score of 94 points. Baron Rothschild said: "although in the tasting taste of this wine has been able to feel the full taste and delicious fruit, but a Rothschild, it is not completely open. Then for 2 to 3 years, it can be in full bloom." 2012 years of Chateau Lfite Rothschild red Wine Wine "Observer" senior editor James · olesworth (James Molesworth) also endorsed the Baron said: "some small year sometimes many people will ignore Bordeaux. But in fact, no matter how year, Wine will show the features here." Followed by 2010 years and at the same time guests tasting 2009 Vintage lafite. 2010 and Bordeaux is the super big year, "alcohol Kam" (Decanter) to the score of these two years are 5 points. In addition, James · hit 99 points and 100 points out of high scores, the suckling for each of the two wine Robert · Parke (Robert Parker) respectively to the two wine of 98 points and 99 points in the evaluation. The 2010 Vintage Lafite taste is still very tight, the skeleton is very strong, the wine with mineral flavor, but also take some time to completely bloom. Compared with the year 2010, year 2009 Lafite taste is more abundant, the main wine!相关的主题文章: