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Wang Yi: full of confidence – the future of Bolivian Relations Beijing Xinhua La Paz on 6 October, (reporter Jia Anping) on an official visit to Bolivia Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi 6 in La Paz, told reporters, Bolivia although different conditions, far apart, but always mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual support and mutual trust. To become a model of the size of the national solidarity, equality and mutual benefit. I believe that Bolivia will continue to give valuable support on issues involving China’s core interests and major concerns, the Chinese side will firmly support the maintenance of their own legitimate rights and interests. China has always insisted that all countries are equal in size, which is not only a consistent foreign policy of the Chinese government, but also an international standard that should be generally followed by the Charter of the United nations. We are satisfied with the current situation of the development of China EU relations and are confident of the bright future of bilateral cooperation. Like other countries and people in the world, Bolivia has the same right to develop, and the people of Bolivia have the same vision of a better life. China firmly supports the government and the people to explore the development path in line with their own national conditions, will continue to provide support and help for the development of glass, help accelerate the industrialization of glass, improve the ability of independent development. China respects the sovereignty of all countries and the independent choice of the people, never attaches any political conditions to cooperation, nor does it interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. As a developing country, China’s assistance is limited, but it is always sincere and selfless. I wish the glass greater achievements, like "Andean Eagle", to soar, ushered in the development of better prospects. Bolivia is an important country in Latin America, China Europe cooperation is a microcosm of Sino Latin American cooperation. Two years ago, the establishment of Sino Latin American cooperation forum, opened a new chapter in the overall cooperation between China and Latin america. Under the joint guidance of President Xi Jinping and the leaders of Latin American countries, Latin American cooperation has a good start. We are ready to work with Latin American countries to strengthen bilateral relations and pull the development of the forum and the organic combination of the overall cooperation and mutual promotion, promote equality and mutual benefit and common development of the comprehensive cooperative partnership pull forward.相关的主题文章: