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"We are born in Chinese" acclaimed   when the China wind meets the international fan – media – people.com.cn original title: China wind meets the international fan Movie Poster creative staff to discuss the plot in "too cute! The story tells China Chinese adorable things to the world at the magnificent picture!" Recently, directed by Lu Chuan, director of China, produced by the natural animal film, "we were born in China," the release of the film, has won wide acclaim in the world. "" "" "" "" "". Through the story of 3 families of wild animals, the theme of harmony between man and nature is reflected in the film, which reflects the achievements of China in the protection of wildlife and natural environment. It took 3 years for the first time national animal panda "Emma" HD debut by stone tickle, golden monkey "Tao Tao" deftly somersault in the snow, the snow leopard "Tevershall" on the plateau flying chasing prey…… The lives of these rare animals are clearly displayed on the big screen, so that the audience was shocked. "The motherland is too beautiful!" "The animals are crying!" Think of the film will be translated into a variety of languages spread to the world, quite proud of." On the web, many people write down their feelings. It is reported that "we are born in Chinese shooting" which lasted for 3 years, Wolong, Shennongjia, shooting team into the Hoh Xil, Qiangtang, Sanjiang, and other sources of Zhalong Nature Reserve, shooting a panda, golden monkey, Tibetan antelope, snow leopard, red crowned cranes China unique national treasure of rare animals, including many animal images for the first time is high-definition camera recording film. During filming, in order to close to the wild pandas, the staff had in hot weather wear thick panda coat, heat was almost collapse. Shooting antelope, German photographer Rolf Steinman? In the bunker pit is a stay of three or four days. The most difficult for the snow leopard shooting, American photographer Shane Moore Dunshou? Every day more than 16 hours, still nothing, one month after the help of blue sheep found traces of snow leopard. Disney, who won the Oscar prize gold producer Roy? Conley said I was totally China wild animal and the beauty of mountains and rivers of beautiful and mysterious conquest. "This is an unprecedented film, from a new point of view, the audience has never seen a chinese." – a foreign to record masterpiece "the cooperation is a journey of discovery, let me feeling the most is the barrier free communication between the creative team." Director Lu Chuan said, with the cooperation of the Disney learned a lot of things, "humorous storytelling" is one of the important aspects. The film combines the cultural perspective of China and Disney’s unique narrative style of fairy tales, and explains the eternal theme of love and family in a warm and humorous way. In recent years, Sino foreign co production film has increasingly become a trend. According to reports, in 2015, the State Press and publication administration project in more than 80 movies, a record high. "Wolf Totem" "catch the devil", "Kung Fu Panda 3" and other films at home and abroad have achieved good response. "In promoting the process of internationalization of Chinese film." Secretary General of China Film Association, China相关的主题文章: