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What is the difference between the new MacBook Pro and the 12 inch MacBook USB Type-C? Sohu, science and technology [Technews] although science news in the USB-IF giant, like apple and Intel are specific to mobile USB Type-C is to tell the market, but in the future, a better future before, but users still need to face the growing pains of port. In addition to the trouble adapter, another problem is the transmission standard USB Type-C many. "Transmission standard" and "interface style" is different, in fact, USB Type-C is only a custom USB-IF interface style, intuitive, similar to the "specific hole shape". In addition to Type-C, other mainstream interface is also very popular USB A, as well as commonly used in printers USB B. However, in the interface, USB also supports a variety of transmission standards or agreements, such as USB 3.1, 3 or Thunderbolt, a concept similar to the "function of the transmission line, therefore, two pieces of the same socket interface, for example is USB Type-C, but probably because of support the transmission of different standards, so there are different transmission ability. The USB interface style. From right to left, A, A type, B type, mini type B, proprietary. (Source: Wikipedia) just released the new MacBook Pro, it’s four USB Type-C support standard is Thunderbolt 3, the transmission rate of 40Gbps. The agreement Thunderbolt 3 can also be compatible with other slower, like USB 3.1 or USB 3, so if the joint users of the UBS 3.1 standard for file transfer, the new MacBook Pro can support, but the speed of course is only UBS 3.1 top speed 10Gbps. But to the earlier launch of the 12 inch MacBook, it is only a single USB Type-C to support USB 3, top speed of 5Gbps, probably because the launch has not developed a control chip USB 3.1. Although it can also be compatible with USB 2 transmission line, but if the user comes up with Thunderbolt 3, or USB line of the, the 12 inch MacBook will not support because nothing happened. In simple terms, although the interface is also connected to the hole USB Type-C, but the support of the transmission standard is different, so that the transmission capacity of MacBook and MacBook with different Pro. Let consumers headache US相关的主题文章: