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Where are you? Tunchang hundreds of police forces search for missing 2 year old girl Tunchang 2 year old girl home playing hundreds of police search inexplicably disappeared one day and one night failed baby, where are you lost children Wu Yiqing. (Tunchang police) police are searching. Southern Metropolis Daily News October 28th (reporter Wu Yuewenwen map) October 27th morning 11 am, Tunchang County farm south Lu 3 team of 2 year old Wu Yiqing playing at home, my grandfather came back to find that she was not a trace. Reporters on the evening of 28 8 was informed that the police forces search for hundreds of people Tunchang day and night still failed. Police appealed to insiders to provide clues to help the girl home soon. 1 am in the morning of October 28th, the Ministry of public security of missing children information publishing platform issued an emergency emergency for the lost child, said the three farm team Tunchang County South Lu 2 year old Wu Yiqing, in October 27th 11 at home playing when lost, and left the police contact tunchang. 28 PM, Wu Yiqing’s grandfather Wu Shufu to the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Wu Yiqing, born in June 29, 2014, height 85 cm, weight 15 kg, comb with four small plait, a purple birthmark on her chest seven or eight cm above the loss, wearing a white collarless long sleeve clothing, wearing shorts. "Granddaughter lost two days his wife heartbroken, into tears." Wu Shufu told reporters, because of poverty at home, after the Spring Festival this year, Wu Yiqing’s parents to work in Guangdong, Dongguan, to stay at home to his two granddaughters and his wife to take care of. Wu Yiqing is 2 years old, her sister is at the age of 7. "Two children are lovely and cute, now Wu Yiqing is gone, I am sorry son and daughter-in-law." Wu Shufu heave great sighs sadly. Wu Shufu said, 27 am, his wife to pick up the mountain near the areca, he was at home to take care of granddaughter Wu Yiqing. More than 10 in the morning, his wife called him and said that some areca was stolen pick. At this time just to visit relatives Sister Li He, his granddaughter to Li sister to take care of, then goes to areca park. Half an hour later, Wu Shufu returned home, but found his granddaughter disappeared. He looked around his home, shouting hoarse voice, or did not see the granddaughter of. Subsequently, Wu Shufu and Li sister, who went to the mountains to find, still no fruit. "Almost noon, I went to the kitchen to cook, Wu Yiqing a person at home to play, I do not know how she lost, I suspect that was taken away." Li sister said with regret. Wu Shufu said that his home on the side of the road, this time is areca’s acquisition of the season, there are often foreign people in and out. "We searched the corner, or without any trace of granddaughter. Granddaughter was abducted by a very large possibility." Wu Shufu looks at a loss. After receiving the report, Tunchang County Public Security Bureau leadership attaches great importance to make immediate instructions, assigned police team to investigate the matter, and deployed police to help find the missing girl Wu Yiqing. Area south of the south Chang Chang Road police station official told reporters that at 2:55 on October 27th, they received a child lost alarm, immediately rushed to the scene to investigate. At present, Tunchang County police 2相关的主题文章: