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Who will be the next major global financial centre? The Shanghai stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrant photograph: a study of visual display Chinese financial practitioners survey, the next few years is expected to become the world’s major financial center in Shanghai City, at the top of the list. Other mainland cities that are expected to become financial centres include Qingdao, Shenzhen, Dalian and Beijing. The global financial centres index (Global Financial Centers Index) is ranked by Z Yen group compiled, according to the city of the financial industry’s appeal to rank. Among the top 15 cities that will be upgraded, there are about 8 from the Asia Pacific region. London, New York, Hongkong, Singapore, and Tokyo are still the world’s five largest financial centers in this year’s rankings. London is 1 points higher than New York in the top second. Singapore is 42 points lower than New York, ranked No. third. Hongkong ranked fourth. Tokyo ranked fifth, lower than New York’s 60 points. Shanghai remained at sixteenth place, scoring an increase of 7 points over last year. Taipei, China’s twenty-first place in the rankings, came to the top of the list, with Shenzhen and Beijing dropping by a total of three places, ranking at the top of the list of twenty-second and 26 place, respectively, on the list of the top 3. Shanghai municipal government last month issued the "Shanghai urban master plan (2016-2040)" draft. One goal is to increase the value of the financial sector accounted for the proportion of the city’s GDP to about 20%. Shanghai Municipal Bureau of statistics data show that the proportion of 16.2% last year according to the "Financial Times", Z Yen assessment of global financial center model is mainly based on five important areas: competitive business environment, the development of the financial industry, infrastructure, human capital and reputation. The annual index is an online survey of 3200 financial practitioners and 105 data sets, including the cost of living, the size of the office, the Internet, the quality of transportation infrastructure, the level of corruption and political stability. Other factors include quality of life, murder rates, inflation, foreign investment, bond value, stock trading and tax rates. The survey data covered by the end of June, Britain does not reflect off the European influence. The survey also showed that the data collected in July and in August showed that the assessment of London was lower than the previous level. Z Yen vice president, the report’s author Mark Yeandle said: "in the next assessment, this decline may have an important impact on the status of london. It is hard to predict which cities will benefit, but Dublin, Frankfurt, Zurich, and even Luxemburg are likely to gain." On the Asia Pacific region, Singapore in the business environment, the development of the financial industry and the reputation of these three indicators over Hongkong. But in infrastructure and human capital of the two, Hongkong. Singapore Business Review pointed out that Singapore and Hongkong belong to the Asia Pacific region, a slight decline in the financial environment of the city. On the whole, in Tokyo, Shanghai, Osaka and Taipei 8相关的主题文章: