Wu net today start preliminary draw out tianbi

Wu net today start preliminary sign table released [September 22, 2016] in 2016, Wuhan Dongfeng Automobile · Wuhan Open tennis tournament qualifying today draw, 32 players including eight Chinese players, will tomorrow officially start the game, eight seats for entering the race in China, China flowers will face a strong opponent. Break out of the race the difficulty is not small. As Asia’s first stop season highlight the Wu net race luxury lineup, qualifying favorably, ranked 29 in the world by the Russian rookie kazankina led battle. Born in 1997, the Russian girl could directly nominated Wu net game, but for personal reasons, so missed the registration, hoping to enter the team through the qualifying. Just won the Tokyo championship, now ranked forty-second in the world of American players Mike Hal followed, and Czech’s J Nyako Va, Croatia star kangniu in two to No. four seed. In addition, Gerges, Conert and Nico Les Cu will also play tennis star. The highest singles ranking had reached fifteenth Gerges served in the 2011 Stuttgart Grand Prix after beating Victoria Azarenka, Stosur and Caroline Wozniacki three of the world’s top ten players, dark horse won the 2013 Australian Open final; 18, she and Li Na teamed up for a global audience in an extremely wonderful exchange that war and violence, strong serve the forehand is a powerful weapon for her tour. In contrast, once ranked eleventh in the world of the French star Conert to play tennis and steady gallop has won three straight, once when he was first in the world of Serena Williams. The 29 year old Romanian Nico Les Cu who is the famous WTA monster player, unique cutting forehand shots often will bring great distress to the opponent’s rhythm. Chinese flowers, Wang Qiang, Duan Yingying, Zhang Kailin, Han Xinyun, Zhu Lin with the direct qualification ranking finalists list, Wang Yafan, Liu Chang, Yang Zhaoxuan will also participate in the wild card race competition for seats. Shortly before the end of the first round of the US Open, Wang Qiang three set victory over kazankina, for third consecutive years in New York in the second round; Wang Yafan two defeated Belgian player Ukraine Ivan grams achieved their first win, the grand slam. Duan Yingying also made a major breakthrough in this year, broke into the second round at Wimbledon and us open not only, still in the WTA international NanChang Railway Station won his first crown, has become a world ranking in the top 100 singles players China. For the home court of Wuhan girl Zhang Kailin in the year has won a two ITF singles titles and four ITF doubles titles, has just created a career high ranking occupation she also have the opportunity to make a breakthrough in china. Against the top seed, kazankina will be the first round against Estonia’s Cantat Witt, Mike Yakova, Hal Disney were hit two Chinese players Zhu Lin and Han Xinyun challenge. Croatia star kangniu will also bring us into the quarter finals, the semi-finals of the network wide hot hand, the United States against rookie min. Romania strange player Nico Les Cu ranked No. five seed, if it can successfully qualify for the second round, or will meet with Liu Chang, of course, China also need to pass the test of the British flower star, Watson. Rest。相关的主题文章: