Xiamen two days two consecutive children lost the police and the masses to lend a helping hand truffe

Xiamen two days two consecutive children lost the police and the masses to find help many children lost parents, often become a lifetime of pain: if more cautious, if you look so much, if at that time, grasping his hand, my baby won’t be lost. These two days, Xiamen has a total of two children aged 4 were lost from their parents, crying alone in the street! Fortunately, the two children met the police as well as good hearted people. Mother took her brother to play the vaccine she went out to play more than 10 in the morning yesterday, Jimei Feng border police station duty room, the bell rang. Alarm people in Jimei the same set of road and road intersection overseas, found a lost little girl. Police immediately rushed to the scene, I saw a little girl about 4 years old, is the roadside sad cry, the crowd more and more. Police rushed to appease the little girl, and asked the parents of the information, but the child is too young to say effective information. Thus, the police had to pick up the child, in the vicinity of the visit. Finally, the police learned that the child may be the next to the Wu Xia Xia Wu intersection flyover, from the side to come. Police concluded that the little girl may be out of work with their parents lost, parents may still be near, the bridge is across the British police station area, the police contacted the search together. After searching for an hour, the police in the vicinity of the Wu Xia in the overseas British street community health service center, found the little girl’s mother is looking for. "Thank you very much, or I really don’t know what to do." The mother said to the child. The child returned to her mother’s arms, but, in the end what is going on? Originally, a little girl named Lily, 4 years old this year, Guizhou Xishui county. More than 8 points on the day of the morning, Lily’s mother took her and brother to the health service center, let his brother to get vaccinated. When the mother does not pay attention, Mary go alone to go out and play, go along the road for 200 meters, came to the Wu Xia Road, and across the same set of road through the overpass and go to the opposite side, walked, found that he couldn’t find his mother, so helpless cry at the roadside. Mother buy food he quietly ran away. Coincidentally, the morning of November 1st, Jimei Maluan Bay border police, also on the side of the road "picked up" a little boy. At that time, the police patrol car, to the nearby Yongxin Road near the mountain Zhang Xinkai agency company, found a 4 year old boy was crying alone the roadside. Police immediately stepped forward to understand the situation. However, the little boy was so excited that he was crying and unable to speak. This is a lost child. Police immediately diverge, a group along the area near the shops along the street looking for family members of another group, returned to the police station to obtain surveillance video. After nearly 2 hours of effort, the police finally found the mother is anxious to find a child. It is understood that more than 8 am the same day, the little boy followed his mother to the nearby market to buy food, the same time when the mother did not pay attention to leave, and then lost. Police tips don’t let the children out of your sight of children in children often do not understand the danger of bin相关的主题文章: