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Xi’an college students buy love insurance touched his girlfriend after 3 years was a diamond double eleven day approaching, graduates Xiao Ning to buy a "love insurance", yesterday sparked heated debate. This insurance policy from the date of entry into force after 3 years to 13 years, the insured and the designated sweetheart can get married, wedding gifts or roses. Love insurance can keep love? Spend 299 yuan to buy love insurance touched his girlfriend Xiao Ning is a Xi’an college senior, day is approaching, he bought a copy of insurance, touched his girlfriend. "We started dating singles last year, now a year, think to send what is good?" Xiao Ning said, a lot of students say graduation season is breaking up season, we are not optimistic about the campus love after graduation, he accidentally heard a friend say that love insurance, then spent 299 yuan to buy a copy of the insurance. Love can also be insured? Xiao Ning said that since the date of purchase 3 years after any one day in the next 13 years, Xiao Ning and his girlfriend now receive a marriage certificate, you can get a half carat heart-shaped diamond". After receiving the name of his girlfriend wrote the name of the insurance policy, excited. In her view, not to marry for the purpose of love is to play rascal, her boyfriend to his precious gift! "He signed up for a job in Shaanxi, and I wanted to sign it!" Singles Day approaching love insurance in the two insurance companies selling reporters yesterday learned that, along with the Singles Day approaching, the purchase of "love insurance" in a few. Compared to the community, college students have a certain discount. Spend 99 yuan, since the purchase date 3 years after any within 13 years of the day, and at the time when people buy insurance specified sweetheart to receive a marriage certificate, you can receive 1999 yuan in cash. Moreover, each couple can have up to 5 copies, three years later will be able to receive 9995 yuan wedding gifts." An insurance company employee introduction. Another insurance company staff said, as long as the purchase of insurance of the couple, after 3 years of marriage registration within 13 years, the insurance company for their wedding to send ten thousand roses, each priced at $299, students can enjoy 199 yuan price. At the same time, within 3 years of insurance coverage will also be insured for personal accident insurance. Insurance can keep love Xiao Ning friend Xiao Qin think to send such a gift to his girlfriend particularly romantic, "I know that even buy insurance may not be able to keep love, but at least one point, at present, our each other is to cherish each other, are trying to keep love!" Lin is holding a different view: "now buy, in case you can not break up together, the insurance money is not white? In case the girlfriend behind to know, not embarrassed?" Some people also expressed envy and jealousy hate, I am a ‘single dog’, would like to buy a copy of such insurance, but no chance!" Net friend silently say. Industry insiders believe that such insurance is a gimmick, is not really able to protect the love, earning eyeballs and profit is the main purpose, of course, also reflects the young people yearning for a better love. (reporter Ji Na)相关的主题文章: