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The exposure Aobamei Yang Mingxia from Real Madrid’s 1 Duoteda agreement – Sohu from the Yang Mingxia sports Aobamei obstacle Duoteda protocol   Aubameyang is a striker Florentino has been trying to introduce, but Gabon is for Real Madrid striker is also very willing to. "Aspen" brought a real good news and bad news, good news Aobamei Yang and Dortmund agreed to leave next summer, really want to join Real Madrid? The bad news is, don’t forget now Real Madrid was FIFA punishment, prohibited transfer. Aubameyang had promised to play for Real Madrid before his grandfather died. Dortmund is the Yiduna Park in Gabon forward signal as a priority among priorities of the players this summer, the media also repeatedly exposed Aubameyang almost joined Real Madrid, but failed to make the trip. The future of Dortmund will not be forced to leave the Aubameyang, if the end of the season after Gabon striker wants to go, there will not be any obstacles. If he wants to join Real Madrid, as long as the galaxy warships out of the appropriate transfer fee, the Gabonese striker’s son’s dream can become a reality, but Real Madrid recently suffered a FIFA punishment. Although Real Madrid officials have filed a complaint to the court of arbitration for sports, but so far no results have been released. And Real Madrid will be the fastest in January 2018 to sign the players, Aubameyang if you want to go to Real Madrid, only half a year stand. But Aubameyang may also join the other team, Paris Saint Germain and Manchester City are interested in signing the striker in europe. (Bourbon)相关的主题文章: